Income Planning and About Us

For some time we made the decision to no longer manage money in the markets because we had no way to avoid paying a manager to lose money your money when the markets were down. Our passion is providing individuals with a plan for income that they will not outlive and, frankly, we did not see a predictable way to do this in the stock market. Because of our affiliation with Estate Planning Solutions and their money management company, that has now changed.

Our philosophy is that there are two types of money; that which we need to live on to pay for the essentials of life; healthcare, food, gas, mortgage, etc. and money for discretionary expenses – everything else. We believe the money we need for essentials should be safe and guaranteed for life. We use contractually guaranteed income from fixed annuities to provide these monies.

Because inflation – the increased cost of living each year – may require more income later in life; income that has the potential to increase with inflation, income sufficient to allow clients to live out their dreams and help others, we are excited about EPS’ strategy of investing in income producing securities; income that may be accessed in good markets and bad – without the need for growth or selling off shares to generate income to live.

We are now comfortable taking responsibility for the portion of your investments you will use to provide predictable future income that may allow you to live a more abundant and generous lifestyle.

The ability to help clients arrange their finances to protect a portion of their resources and use them to provide contractually guaranteed income for life PLUS the ability to use the stock market to generate predicable streams of income that may last a lifetime, then be left as a legacy to children or other heirs truly inspires us.

We specialize in-providing solutions that allow people to enjoy their life and rest peacefully during market fluctuations; we call this “sleep insurance” and to also place a portion of their retirement resources in the market where they may see dividend and other distributions in the mailbox – even when the market is contracting.

We understand that each individual has unique needs. And we know there is no way you can afford to waste valuable retirement years trying to recover from the downturns in the market nor would we want you to live in fear of the next bear market and what it might do to your finances.
We believe you need reliability and predictability. You need to protect your profits and lock in gains with a portion of your funds and generate predictable income with the potential to regularly increase with the money you allocate to the market.

You need your money to work as hard as possible to help you live out your retirement dreams. When you work with us you have a solid income plan with real numbers that are guaranteed, not assumed. You also need a portion to provide the discretionary dollars to help you live the retirement you have dreamed of.

Let me ask you one more question, do you currently have a written income plan that can provide for your needs and your desires? If not, if you would like to find out what that might look like, please give us a call or complete the form below. Thank you for your consideration. We hope you will become a part of our family.