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Medicare is the health care system for people over 65 or people with disabilities. Since we specialize in income planning, it makes perfect sense that we would offer Medicare. No income plan is complete without addressing the cost of healthcare.

There are two ways to access Medicare, well, actually three. The first is just having Original Medicare which covers 80% of the cost. You will be responsible for the other 20%. Most people will choose the second option which is to purchase a Medigap or Medicare Supplement (they are one and the same) to cover the 20%. In many cases, they will pay a premium and nothing else. Although this is more expensive on a monthly basis, many people enjoy the security of knowing they have no other out of pocket expenses and they can go to any doctor, anywhere that accepts Medicare so they have more freedom to choose their doctor.

The above option also requires that you purchase a stand-alone drug plan.

The third option is to go on Part C, or a Medicare Advantage plan. There are several options to choose from and most include the drug plan. These plans generally have co-pays and a maximum out of pocket that limits the amount you can owe in medical expenses. Premiums can be as low as $0 and as high as $182. Although you still have all of the rights of Medicare, the insurance company is covering the cost of your care. Most plans require that you go to their doctors.

Because of all of the choices, it is important to sit down with an independent professional to review your options. If you would like a quote, please complete the form below and our Medicare specialist will give you a call. Here are a couple links that may be helpful to you:


Social Security Administration

As an independent insurance agency, we will make sure that you are on the right plan based on your insurance coverage.

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